Looking for Violin lessons in Ballarat?

Violin is often the star in many occasions due to its pitch and expressive  nature. It sings  the melody so well  like a beautiful soprano , sweet  as honey.

With its capacity of expressiveness and often being a leading role in performance violin has been very popular in the history of of music naming classical, folk, pop or even jazz. If you are the queen or king of melody this is the instrument for you to speak .

It may take a while learning the necessary skills before you start to sound good on the violin. Therefore I will guide you step by step learning the posture and technique required.  Besides perseverance playing  violin also requires good listening skills because there is no marked frets on the fingerboard as for the guitar .  A violin player therefore needs to decide the pitch of notes according to their own aural perception. Playing the violin requires eye and hand / arm co-ordination too.


Q: Do I need my own violin?

You will need to purchase (or hire) your own violin. If you’re in search of a new violin, I will be more than happy to recommend  music store in Ballarat who will provide you with all your violin needs. A bit of caution is required if you’re planning on buying a violin through gumtree or another second hand market place!

Q: What size violin will I need?

A: Violins come in 9 different sizes to suit all arm lengths. The most common are the 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 (or full size). Most music store in Ballarat will be able to provide you with the perfect size instrument to fit you. I will happily suggest shops who are able to fit you with the perfectly sized violin.

Q: Do you offer group lessons?

A: Unfortunately I do not offer group lessons, only private lessons. This is so I can cater the lesson to suit the individual. All children learn at different rates and often respond differently to directions.

Q: Will I need to purchase my own music?

A: For the first few lessons no books will be required. During these lessons, we will work out what avenue/books are more suited to your learning style. Then you will need to purchase them. Of course, I will let you know the cheapest and best places to buy them from!

Q: Do you put students through exams?

A: Yes, I will put students into exams if they’re interested in doing them. My students have had great success in both AMEB and Trinity College exams.