Guitar is such versatile instrument that you can bring it to anywhere and entertain yourself or others. It is an inexpensive instrument to purchase too. With a wide compass and ability to master both melody and harmony guitar has been very popular in both classical music and many folk cultures.

Guitar is often used for chordal accompaniment . Nothing is more satisfying than singing a beloved song with an acoustic guitar .  Don’t hesitate to mention the flamboyant flamenco guitar playing that is passionately married to its dance.

With electrical guitar, there has been a tradition of improvisation if you wish  to explore in your own melodic language ( Electrical guitar can be more expensive to purchase and is often plugged to an amplifier )

Playing guitar requires good co- ordination of the hands , fingers and of course ears and eyes (when you do read) . I will guide you through step by step to master the techniques required that your musicality will flourish.

I teach both folk and classical style. I use the Oxford series which look after both your technic and style.