Are you looking for music lessons in Ballarat?

Do you want to learn music in a  supportive , comfortable and motivating environment?

My lessons look after both aspects of skills  and expression. Scales, aural awareness , reading, pieces or songs are often the lesson contents ensuring that a “rounded” musician with “grounded” techniques is in making.

Creative exercise or improvisation is often encouraged and practiced in lesson using music elements such as rhythm and( or) pitch etc. depending on the student’s readiness.

One on One Weekly

Lesson length vary from 30 min to 75 min depending on student level ,  student needs (there is minimum lesson length for exam purpose)  and with consideration of  young children’s endurance too.

Other Activities


Workshop is a great way to motivate students of similar interest or level. Just like a good concert or good CD,   with the help of  fellow students ‘ presentation or sharing by learning each other’s “ forte” and “piano” , a good workshop sometimes can lift us to a better place that many lessons can not.


A more serious and formal way to share music with a large audience. At the moment we are participating in the concerts of Musical Society of Victoria (MSV) – Western Centre  enjoying the wonderful venues they provide. MSV concerts runs for at least 4 times a year.

I look forward to helping you or your child reach their musical goals!