Q: Can I have fortnightly lessons instead of weekly lessons?

A: Yes, you certainly can especially if you find weekly lessons too frequent. But it is important that you plan your time ahead for practice in order to enjoy the next lesson.

Q: Is weekly lessons equivalent to practice?

A: You certainly can practice once a week only  in  your lesson but there is little help to improve in such way as mostly the same lesson content will be repeated until you have mastered the skill or concept planned before progressing to the next stage.

Q: Can I pay my fee each time ?

Yes, you certainly can but cash payment only . Also if you miss the scheduled time for two weeks the same spot will not  be available anymore. Please note that by enrolling a package of 5 or 10 lessons’ you not only enjoys discount but also allows the teacher to plan ahead a more systematic program for you .

Q: Can I pay my fee afterwards or at the end of school term?

A: Unfortunately all lessons are prepaid as this allows the teacher to allocate lesson time especially for you. This is a commitment between you and your own learning.

Q: What if I cannot turn up to a lesson on the day due to unexpected sickness?

A: You will need to provide a doctor’s certificate to redeem a make- up lesson. Alternatively you can invite a sibling or a friend to enjoy the lesson so the lesson fee is not wasted.

Q: What if there is public holiday or school holiday during my lesson enrolment?

A: Your scheduled  lesson will be rolled over to the following week or school term so that your lesson fee is not wasted.

Q: Do I get a receipt for my payment?

A: You certainly will get one with my ABN number.